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Andy’s Oil is an independent oil delivery company based in County Armagh. As a customer-focused small business, they approached Cornell when rapid growth meant they needed to find a better way to take and fulfil orders.










Like many local oil companies, Andy’s Oil had been accepting and processing their orders manually. Customers ordered over the phone or via text or Whatsapp. Payment was taken either as cash on delivery, or in advance by staff processing a card payment over the phone.

With so many different customer touchpoints, sales records were kept manually and the whole process was labour intensive. With a fast-growing customer base, Andy’s Oil wanted to develop their one-page website into a dedicated e-commerce platform for oil orders. By streamlining the process, the business could serve more customers and automate their record keeping.

Andy’s Oil engaged a third party software provider, Swiftsoft, whose Colossus software is specially designed to provide digital account management for oil companies. Andy’s Oil wanted a website developer who could build a great looking website around their new software solution.

Having worked with us five years previously on their website and branding, Andy’s Oil returned to Cornell. The company asked us to create a new website incorporating the Colossus software, in order to streamline their ordering processes.


  • Design and build new website, incorporating Colossus software, to provide a dedicated ordering and accounts package

Cornell’s first step was to touch base with Swiftsoft to get the technical information we needed. To integrate the platform seamlessly into the new website, our developers needed detailed coding information.

Swiftsoft quickly provided this, allowing us to start considering the different customer communication points. Looking at all the places on the website where the customer could click into the ordering system, we were able to make sure these pages linked together effectively.

We created new pages for ordering information, products, and services, and combined these with the relevant ordering pages – e.g. ‘Get a quote’, ‘View my account’, and payment pages linked to a secure payment gateway.

The creative process was just as important as technical development. Having worked closely with Andy’s Oil to create his distinctive brand, we were well placed to create a website consistent with the company’s warm and friendly brand identity.

We used illustration to create characters and visuals of warm, cosy homes. Placing illustrations of the distinctive Andy’s Oil lorry at key customer touch points throughout the site further boosted brand recognition.

Final touches included testing the payment gateway prior to launch, making sure every step of the process worked smoothly, including quote generation and setting up or updating a customer account, right through to the secure payment process and order confirmation.

We found it great working with Swiftsoft and Colossus, to see how dedicated third party software integrates into sites. This is a project we looked forward to, and we look forward to working with Swiftsoft again in the future.


A fresh new website integrated with industry-specific software has streamlined the ordering process for Andy’s Oil. They are able to take orders on the go and schedule deliveries more efficiently, leading to happier customers and more orders.

Being able to offer a reliable and secure payment gateway has enhanced cash flow and helped manage book work and accounts processing. For a small charge, customers have the option of same-day emergency orders. The website has been built with a full CMS (customer management system) so customers can log in and keep their information up to date. They continue to offer monthly maintenance and security updates, backed up by their streamlined accounts and payments systems.

All in all, their new website brings more value to their customer, helping to ensure continued loyalty and good reviews.

“It’s been great working with the guys in Cornell again and the assistance they have given me as the company has grown. They worked really well with Swiftsoft and we’re very happy with how seamlessly they integrated Colossus into the new site. Having a good system in place for taking and processing orders means I can focus on the work I love, providing the best possible oil delivery service to customers.”