9 Ways To Utilise Graphic Design In Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your goods or services, there is already so much to think about, from when and where to promote your business to the type of written and visual content you should be producing.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on visual content and how you can utilise this in your marketing. In particular, we’re going to focus on graphic designs and the role they can play within your strategy.

In doing so, we’ll look at the power of visual communication and the best way to incorporate graphic designs across your branding and marketing efforts.

Let’s get started.

1. Create a memorable logo

First and foremost, you can use graphic design to get the basics in place, starting with an attention-grabbing logo. In doing so, you can create something unique, that reflects your brand and enhances brand recognition.

You can also come up with something memorable that can be used across a range of other marketing materials like your social media and website, as well as your products and packaging.

Of course, this is easier for new start-ups who have yet to generate a logo, but even as an existing business, you can take the opportunity to re-brand if you’re not happy with your current offering.

2. Boost your social media content

Social media will be a critical part of any marketing strategy and graphic design can play a big role in creating plenty of engaging content to share.

It can be a great way to create captivating visuals that can boost engagement and elevate your online presence. For example, you might want to share infographics, quotes, statistics, employee testimonials and more.

Visual content like this often receives higher engagement than content that only uses words, and in some cases, even photographs. This is because it is created specifically to grab the audience’s attention, using brand colours, typography and elements that reflect your company.

3. Design infographics

Following on from this, you might wish to create and share infographics for effective data visualisation as well. This could be used as a way of sharing fun facts, research findings, unique selling points from your business, your biggest achievements and more.

The use of brand colours, elements, logos, etc. can make these infographics a really great way to reflect your branding and share information that quickly and easily engages the audience.

Once created, these infographics can be shared across different social media channels, but can also be useful for other marketing materials, like email campaigns. But we’ll look at this in more detail later in this guide.

4. Improve the user experience of your website

Depending on what it is you’re selling, you don’t need to rely solely on photographs or written copy for your website. In fact, in some cases you can’t, you need to add a little more.

In that case, being able to create attractive and engaging images through graphic design can be the perfect solution. You can share ideas, data, diagrams, tips and more using these images and help to make your website far more user-friendly.

This can also be a great way to boost your branding and ensure consistency across all your marketing materials, including your website.

5. Create eye-catching email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be a very important tool for securing new and repeat customers. From offering exclusive deals to new sign-ups to generating unique and informative content, there are loads of ways that email marketing can help to generate sales.

As part of this, graphic designs can be used for headers, images, stats, testimonials and more; making your emails and the key information instantly more eye-catching to the readers. How you choose to incorporate these images is up to you, just make sure that they always reflect your brand.

6. Add something eye-catching to your blogs

Sure, blogs rely largely on written content to be the main hook, but you can’t just share a page full of words. This needs to be broken up using headings, sub-headings and of course, images in order for more people to interact with it.

In some cases, infographics and custom graphics will be the key to success.

You can use graphic designs in these posts to highlight key information and increase consistency across your brand. They can also be helpful for breaking up the content and increasing the readability of the text.

You can then re-use this imagery when advertising your blog posts (perhaps sharing these in your email marketing) or simply as a way of sharing your branding across different platforms.

7. Prepare for online advertising

There are lots of ways you can advertise online, particularly across social media channels. But when you’re paying to advertise in this way, you need to make sure that you have perfect and carefully crafted graphics that will grab your audience’s attention.

Once these images have been created and perfected, they can be used across a whole range of platforms. So as well as social media, you might wish to use these for PR purposes, pop-ups on your website or perhaps even pop-ups on other websites too.

8. Don’t forget printed media

Although the world has largely moved online and digital marketing is now the most popular format, there are still occasions where printed media and advertising is very effective. For example, when attending industry events, handing out cards, putting up banners, etc.

In these cases, graphic designs can be used to quickly convey information in an engaging way that is going to attract people to your stand and easily grab their attention.

Sure, this might not be as frequent as your digital marketing efforts, but it can be just as effective in the right environment, so be sure to carefully consider all graphics designed for these in-person events.

This also applies if you’re a business owner planning on printing materials for the local area, such as flyers, banners or posters.

9. Perfect your packaging

Last but not least our final suggestion is to utilise these designs on your packaging. Sure, you may not necessarily think about this as a marketing product, but it is. In fact, ‘packvertising’ is really important right now.

Your packaging can grab customer’s attention, make a great first impression and lead to better feedback online. You’ve probably all seen at least one unboxing video when scrolling through social media, right?

And graphic designs, including your logo, can be a big part of creating beautiful and enticing packaging for your products.