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Our clients look to us to help them develop a fresh voice that resonates with their customers. We listen, we react, we engage, we provoke.

You can engage with us to plan and implement a full Digital Marketing solution or choose an individual strategy that best suits your goals. Whether you have an established digital presence or you are just starting out, a focussed digital strategy is key to your success.

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A quality content strategy should be at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. Your content is what sets you aside from the rest of the pack and it can establish your brand as a leader and influencer within your industry.

Great content can drive new customers to your website, increase their engagement and make them more likely to convert into loyal customers.

Our content strategies are tailored to your bespoke business goals and the audience you are targeting. We create highly optimised content across a range of mediums both on your own website and on other highly influential and relevant websites within your industry. All content strategies focus on your keywords and have a clearly defined audience in mind.

If you aren’t already engaging in a content strategy then you’re falling behind your competition so talk to us today and let’s put a plan into action.

To develop your brand we must map out the path towards achieving your goals and through intelligent strategic planning we can set the foundations for that path.

The internet is saturated with information on every subject under the sun so to avoid becoming another unheard voice in the crowd it’s vital to create fresh, interesting content that is also engaging and compelling to share. Our team of copywriters, marketers and in-house designers understand how to create exciting content to communicate with specific audiences. 

“We are very happy with the results Cornell has produced, and appreciate the transparency of their approach to our digital marketing. We are confident our brand presence has increased online and this in turn has helped with sales and revenue. The guys at Cornell are regimental in their reporting, which helps reassure us that the service we are getting is value for money. The results speak for themselves and give us confidence to invest more in our digital marketing. “Cornell helped us to identify the unique selling points of our products and our offering as a whole, which they were then able to visualise in a way users could easily see once they landed on our site. By bringing our experience and guarantees to the forefront of the site, they helped to reassure potential customers and bring in more sales.”
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"It is a real pleasure working with Cornell Studios. Their professional approach to the digital world has unlocked many new clients for us. Cornell helped us understand the importance and value of implementing a digital marketing strategy."
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We are constantly striving for improvement and that’s why analysis is at the heart of all our digital strategies.

It’s not enough for us to increase the traffic to your website, we want that traffic to convert into paying customers, after all that’s the aim of any business.

We use a range of metrics including Google Analytics, social media data, heat-map and split testing to analyse how users are behaving on your website, what they like and what’s stopping them from converting. This information helps us to make your website more efficient and better positioned to achieve campaign goals. 

We will provide you with a detailed monthly report to give you a clear account of how the campaign is progressing as well as in-depth analysis to improve the overall usability and conversion ability of your website.

Avoiding the use of industry jargon we report in plain and simple English to show just how your budget is being spent and what results it has produced.