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CB Landscapes have a reputation – built on 25 years of experience – as one of Northern Ireland’s top garden design specialists. When they approached Cornell Studios in 2020, they had plenty of satisfied customers, but their branding and digital offering was stuck in the 1990s.










CB Landscapes have a reputation – built on 25 years of experience – as one of Northern Ireland’s top garden design specialists. Founders Colin and Bev are a dedicated husband and wife team whose passion for outdoor improvement underlines every project they complete.

Colin came to us on the recommendation of a friend, who knew he needed a ‘one stop shop’ for his goal – to bring the company’s public image and online presence to “the next level”. He wanted everything taken up a notch – from the logo and branding, to the website and social channels.

The challenge he set Cornell was to create a fresh and original brand identity for CB Landscapes, while retaining the existing name and staying true to the family business ethos.


  • Fresh and original logo that retains the company name
  • Smart, professional branding for company vehicles and uniforms
  • Design & build new website
  • Video advert for social media

Renowned as the creative digital agency, the first thing we did with CB Landscapes was to learn as much as we could about CB Landscapes, their industry and customer base, and what the brand needed to communicate.

Colin told us, “I want a brand we are proud of that can take us to the next level, and carry us forward for the next 10 or 20 years.” Colin requested an “upgraded version” of the simple red and black logo he had self-created, to maintain brand recognition.

Our graphic designers provided a selection of attractive options inspired by CB Landscape’s existing logo, and a completely original approach.

The ‘out there’ option featured earthy tones of pine green and terracotta, with ‘CB’ carved out in shapes mimicking lawns and flower beds. It was a world away from the other designs – but as we outlined the creative rationale, the client agreed that it was perfect!

With a subtle nod to nature, our designers balanced intricate letter designs against clean, modern fonts. A 21st century brand that retained the good name they had built up over two decades. Our brand copywriters formulated a simple yet ambitious strapline to complement it: “Transforming gardens into dream outdoor spaces”.

With brand approved and all logo formats finalised, we turned to trusted suppliers in our network to create high-quality vehicle graphics and company uniforms.

Next, we engaged the creative team in our web department to craft the new website. We design the user experience (UX) first – how the website looks and how people will interact with it. Our developers then use it to build out the user interface – creating code to bring the website to life.

Copywriting is an important part of UX, communicating personality and values as well as information. Having spent time getting to know the CB Landscapes team, our copywriters created content for the site that spoke in their voice, to explain their processes and answer all the important questions.

Our search experts collaborated with our writers to plot a clear customer journey through the site, with clear, relevant, and inviting calls to action on every page to maximise conversions.

Finally, our tech team optimised the whole website for search and set up analytics to track and measure its success.

Great visuals are key to a beautiful website, so we sourced stunning hero imagery to help complement the client’s existing portfolio of work. Last but not least, our in-house content creation team filmed and produced a lively, engaging video for CB Landscapes to use as a kickstart to their social media marketing.


“I came to Cornell Studios to take my business to the next level, and they have more than delivered. From an old-fashioned logo and a tired website, CB Landscapes now has a fully-rounded, modern, unique brand that matches up to the passion and expertise that we have always put into our work.

“Now, we not only have excellent word of mouth, we have an online platform that effectively showcases our brand and reaches even more people. Cornell offered a full solution, even sourcing companies to create our vehicle graphics and uniforms. Their communication throughout was excellent, giving me regular updates so I always knew what was happening at every stage.”

CB Landscapes