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Visual information can be processed up to 6,000 times faster than text, and video animation is one of the top forms that contribute to this fact. The impact of a visual message is 90% higher than any other type of medium such as text or audio.

Animation video is the technique in which images go through the process of designing, layout addition and photographic sequences to create an illusion of action. Animated videos will engage your viewers and make for an interesting story-telling experience.

So, have you started using animated videos to tell your brand story yet?

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Animated videos are a visual treat! Be it a long video conveying a message to the viewer or simply a filler, animated videos for business have become a hit in the realm of digital marketing. Animations generate instant attraction, help convey the marketing message effectively and keep the mood light while silently getting the message across to the target market.

Video animation integrates colors, logos, images and more to convey a message or information. It converts your story into a visual treat. Benefits of using animated videos as part of your digital marketing strategy include retaining the viewer’s attention, simplify complex topics, hit a chord with your target audience, boost conversion rates and also help your clients understand your product and it’s benefits.

Animated videos are most effective when it comes to storytelling. Through free animation videos, you can showcase real-life instances of how your product or service can be useful for your target audience. This will surely work wonders for your conversion prospects.

“We have used Cornell Studios for the development of our company branding, our website, and the development of an animated promotional video to introduce our bespoke workflow system. Neil was absolutely fantastic at understanding our company and what we wanted to get out of the video. Cornell Studios assisted with it from inception to completion and it really had the WOW factor when we presented to our clients. Everything that Cornell Studios has produced for Construction Services Ireland has been of the highest quality, and usually under the tightest timeframe possible! We can’t recommend Neil and his amazing team highly enough.”
Construction Services Ireland
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Our first step to realising your animation dreams will be to write a brief which gives both sides more clarity about the objective. Following on from this, the creation of the script is the solid basis for any animation video. A short, crisp and catchy script will automatically make for an interesting animation video. The storyboard follows – a graphic representation that plans the visual appeal of an animated video. Making the storyboard means adding images, illustrations, text and other elements in sequence, in a manner that the elements represent each shot. This reflects, scene by scene, the way the final animated video will look even before it’s made. Animation style also needs to be considered – the most common styles are 2D animated videos, whiteboard animated videos and infographic animated videos.

Another significant step to consider while making an animated video is to add the right background music. Set the right mood with your music and arouse that emotion. The last step is to give your animation video the right voice. Options include hiring a professional voice-over artist or record your own voice and give that personal touch to the animated video.

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